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We are your key to success. We’ve spent years studying the market and analyzing trends, all to help you in your endeavors.

Legal Translations

Our services are on a global scale, to help you grow exponentially in the UAE markets for attainment of business advantages.

Multiple Languages

Whatever the translation need, we have ready staff to give you the required format of the legal translation of your document. Please call or visit us anytime. We are next to the Etisalat Metro Station.

Perfect Translations

Shakespeare Legal Translations is one of the few in the legal translations industry who do not depend on Google translations and we offer 100% approved translations to save you from all hassles. This also boast a 100% satisfaction rating, and that’s because we always put you first.

Message from Mr. Anas (CEO)

I had set up Shakespeare Legal Translations years ago with only one goal in mind, to provide urgent services exactly as needed, when needed. Over the years we have become better at everything that we have done. We’ll handle everything for your new business from initial consultations up to the recieving your new trade license. We can also help revitalize your existing business by helping you add additional services, partners etc. Whatever you need, we’re here 24/7, 364 days a year. Call us anytime at +97142554441, in case of urgency you may also call me directly at +971508587301

Expert Shakespeare Legal Translations Team is here to serve you when you need us the most
And Our Vision

And our Vision

The Shakespeare Vision statement is a derivative of its mission statement: To be able to serve your legal translation needs and more specifically just when you need them. With a diversified multi lingual team, please be assured of the utmost best attention to your legal documents.



We are authorized by the Ministry of Justice. Hence you can be assured we will convert your document to any of your desired legal translation perfectly. Moreover you can be assured of free consultations for your needed relevant services.

Various Typing Services

Various Typing Services

Whilst we offer expertise in legal translations into various languages, we have a hands on team ready to type all your documentary needs for the various UAE Government Services. Just send upload your documents to the upload button or even email them to us in advance to save your precious time.

Shakespeare Legal Translation team is always ready to be of service. You can email us your translations or typing requests at